EMREX Newsletter, March 2019

EMREX Newsletter, March 2019

Save the date for the EMREX 2019 Annual Assembly

The EMREX Annual Assembly for 2019 will be held on June 3rd (Monday), 15.00-18:00 in Trondheim, Norway. It is co-located and co-timed with the EUNIS 2019 conference (starting on Wednesday) and the EUNIS pre-workshop on student mobility (Tuesday) so that it is possible to attend all events.

Agenda will be published in May. Suggestions from members of topics to deal with should be sent to the secretary (info@emrex.eu) by May 3rd.

Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.
Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.

ELMO 1.4 supporting Diploma Supplement has been released


Version 1.4 of ELMO has now been released on GitHub:

The new version includes structure for Diploma Supplement data and is based on the results of the workshop in Helsinki in September 2018. This update enables producers of ELMO Diploma data to add Diploma Supplement information as structural data, in addition to the DS-document itself.

Thereafter the EMREX and EWP networks will be able to exchange Diploma Supplement structured data.

ELMO 1.4 has been released

Croatia is now a full member of the EMREX User Group (EUG)

Croatia has been accepted as a full member to the EMREX User Group (EUG).

As it is stated in the EMREX User Group Statutes a full-member needs to be responsible for one or more NCPs. Full-members are the foundation of EUG and all have one vote per country. The Croatian NCP (National Contact Point) was launched last fall and it can be used by all higher education institutions in Croatia. Croatia is represented by the Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE). Igor Drvodelić from ASHE will be acting as the voting member for Croatia. Croatia’s membership will be confirmed in the forthcoming EMREX Annual Assembly later this year.

The other full-member countries of EUG are Finland, Denmark, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Sweden. For more information on how to join the EMREX Network see http://www.emrex.eu/how-to-join.


EMREX presented at conferences in 2018

In 2018 EMREX has been represented in the Taking forward the EU Student eCard initiative run by the European Commision (DG Connect and DG EAC). The network has also been presented at various conferences and events. Some of them are listed below:

In addition EMREX has been presented at a number of national conferences, and there has been held several technical workshops with companies, public bodies, universities for the implementation of EMREX.

EMREX will also join the next EAIE conference. This includes a joint session run by UNIT and Nokut from Norway and Digitary from Ireland. The session has the title ”How we build internet of trust to streamline academic recognition and enhance employability of graduates”.

EMREX presented at PESC Spring 2018 Data Summit in Washington.
EMREX presented at PESC Spring 2018 Data Summit in Washington.

EMREX Executive Committee met in Warsaw on January 8-9th, 2019

EMREX Executive Committee met on January 8-9th, 2019 to discuss the realization of the work plan for 2018, as well as goals and strategy for 2019. The goals for 2018 have been obtained according to work plan, the only activity which has been postponed until 2019 is preparation of information materials to be used at various events and posted in the EMREX portal. The work plan for 2019 contains:

  • Implementing of ELMO 1.4.
  • Results recognition, workshop on requirements
  • Supporting grade conversion by means of Egracons
  • Market the possibility to open the student registry for employers
  • Update the emrex.eu website.
  • Strengthen the collaboration with ongoing EU-projects.
  • Seek other collaboration opportunities.
  • Create general information material.
  • Send regular newsletters to the members.
  • Seek to increase memberships
  • Hold the Annual Assembly meeting.

Jan Joost Norder from DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, Netherlands) will continue his duty as the chair. Geir Vangen from UNIT (Norway) as vice chair, and Tor Fridell from LADOK (Sweden) as the secretary. The remaining members of the Executive Committee are Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz from the University of Warsaw (Poland) and Jukka Kohtanen from CSC (Finland).

EMREX Executive Committee,
From the left: Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz, Geir Vangen, Jan-Joost Norder, Tor Fridell, Jukka Kohtanen
EMREX Executive Committee, From the left: Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz, Geir Vangen, Jan-Joost Norder, Tor Fridell, Jukka Kohtanen

Be in touch

EMREX portal is available at emrex.eu. To contact us write to info@emrex.eu. To get support write to support@emrex.eu. Or use the contact forms below.


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