The EMREX project will arrange a seminar on Supporting Student Mobility in Copenhagen 26 October 2015.

Why and how to participate

  • EMREX will increase student mobility at your institution in an easy and cost-effective way – come and see how!
  • Learn more about how the field trial is conducted in your country and how you can participate
  • Get valuable contacts
  • The seminar is free of charge, participants are expected to cover their own travelling expenses

The Seminar aims at giving an extensive presentation of the project, the participating partners, goals and the solution itself – and at the same time off course – answer all the questions you might have.

Target group for the seminar are heads of study administrative and/or international offices at higher education institutions in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Italy and Denmark, but also representatives from studentorganisations and other relevant people like ministerial representatives and other relevant administrative institutions somehow working with student mobility are invited. As a part of the seminar parallel sessions for the participating countries will be held to assure that the information given will be as relevant as possible for you. It will therefore be very relevant for many of the field trial participating institutions to attend this seminar.

Sign up by sending an email to abh (at) ufm.dk with full name, title, institution/organisation and dietary preferences. Deadline was 31 August 2015, but you can still ask if there is room for one more.

Agenda for the Seminar (Monday 26 October)

11.00-12.00: Lunch

12.00-12.10: Welcome and agenda (Henrik Brodersen and Anders Bøgebjerg Hansen)

12.10-13.40 Presentation of EMREX

12.10-12.40 Background, objective, organisation, time frame (Mats Lindstedt) – slides

12.40-13.10 The solution (Geir Vangen) – slides

13.10-13.40 The evaluation (Janina Mincer-Daszkiewicz) – slides

13.40-14.00: Coffee break

14.00-14.30: Overall presentation of the EMREX field trial (Pamela Engström) – slides

14.30-15.30: Country specific talk:

6 separate sessions: The EMREX solution in your country (Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway and Sweden). Presentation, questions, discussion. For participants from non- field trial countries there will be session on “How to co-operate with EMREX in other projects”

15.30-16.00: Coffee break

16.00-16.30: “An Erasmus student’s perspective” (Michael Nørholm Truelsen, President, Erasmus Student Network Denmark) – Slides

16.30-17.00: Summing up (Mats Lindstedt)

Questions, comments

Information about the Stakeholder meeting day 2 (Anders Bøgebjerg Hansen)

Logistics (Seminar)

List of participants: EMREX_Seminar_List of participants

Where (Map): IT University of Copenhagen, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 København S, Denmark, meetingroom: ScrollBar

When: Monday 26 October 2015 11.00-17.15 (starting with lunch)

Transport: From airport to ITU: Metro to “DR byen” (15 min.) and then 10 min. walk

From central station to ITU: S-train to Nørreport (4 min), then Metro to “DR byen” (10 min) and then 10 min walk

Hotels nearby: Cabinn, Crowne Plaza, Bella Sky, SAS Radisson (please note, that if you are attending the Stakeholder Forum as well, you should go for the hotels mentioned later)


Stakeholder Forum meeting (Tuesday 27 October)

The day after the EMREX Seminar there will be a meeting for those, that are part of the Stakeholder Forum.

The EMREX Stakeholder Forum is set up to ensure that our projects are aligned with the needs of the higher education institutions as well as with other similar initiatives and collaborations across Europe. The Stakeholder Forum provides you with the opportunity to make your voice heard and have a say on the work we are doing and the way we are doing it. Again in 2016 and 2017, we will have a Stakeholder Forum to ensure that we are on the right track.

Agenda for the Stakeholder Forum


9.00-9.15 Welcome, agenda and short presentation (Anders Bøgebjerg Hansen) – Slides
9.15-10.00 Business case and success criteria – feedback and discussion (Facilitator: Ebba Ehlers) – Slides

Questions like these will be raised:

  • Will EMREX improve mobility?
  • Will EMREX mean easier administration of recognition?
  • Will EMREX speed up the recognition process?
  • Will EMREX mean less paper?
  • Will EMREX mean a higher recognition rate of studies abroad?
  • Will EMREX mean increased availability of information about student records?
  • Will EMREX mean increased quality of information about student records?
  • Will EMREX mean increased reliability of information about student records?
  • Will EMREX mean more transparent mobility processes for the students?
  • Will EMREX save money for the institutions?
  • Will EMREX mean better service for the mobile students
10.00-10.15 Short break
10.15-11.00 Communication and dissemination – feedback and discussion (Facilitator: Anders Bøgebjerg Hansen) – Slides

Questions like these will be raised:

  • Are we in our communication focusing on the right audience?
  • Who do you think are the main audience for emrex.eu?
  • Are we communicating through the right channels?
  • Should we enhance cooperating with other European initiatives?
  • Any input to special conferences that would be especially interesting for EMREX to attend/address?
11.00-11.45 After the project – feedback and discussion (Facilitator: Mats Lindstedt)

Questions like these will be raised:

  • Who should the results be handed-over to?
    • Role of Terene or similar organization?
    • EU agencies?
    • Only for national use?
  • Who should be in a future EMREX Steering Committee?
    • Should the committee be connected to some existing structure/organization?
    • Should there be a common support-function of some kind?

    Should EMREX focus only on Europe?

    • Do we see a need and any potential problems with co-operating with e.g. China or Turkey?
  • Should EMREX also focus on other processes connected to the exchange of results – like applying for courses/studies?
    • Erasmus without paper and similar projects
  • Future funding?
    • An EMREX 2.0 project?
    • National funding?
    • Results integrated in other existing/future projects?
  • Future organization in general?
11.45-12.00 Wrap-up and next meeting (Anders Bøgebjerg Hansen)
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-15.00 Sightseeing and networking (sightseeing will be a guided tour in the royal reception rooms)

Logistics (Stakeholder Forum)

List of Participants: EMREX_Stakeholder Forum_List of participants

Where, (Map): Ministry of Higher Education and Science (UFM), Bredgade 43, 1260 København K, Denmark

When: Tuesday 27 October 2015 9.00-15.00


From airport to UFM: Metro to “Kongens Nytorv” (20 min) and then 10 min. walk

From central station to UFM: Bus 1A (Direction Hellerup St.) (10 min), stop at Amalienborg and then 3 min. walk

Hotels: We are not able to offer any discounts on hotels, but these are very close to the ministry – and not very expensive:

WakeUp Copenhagen, Borgerade 9, 1300 København K

Babette Guldsmeden, Bredgade 78, 1260 København K