EMREX has created a lot of interest around the world. Below you can find some of the endorsements from our stakeholders, partners and friends.

Official endorsement letters

EU Commission – DG Education and culture


Kind words of encouragement

Groningen Declaration Network

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ERASMUS Without Paper – project

Together with our own Erasmus without Paper project (EWP), EMREX is at the forefront of providing easy transfer of student (achievement) data and is in this way a kind of sister project. We at EWP value the contribution of EMREX highly and look forward to finding a way of collaborating on a future common solution that maximizes the advantages of both systems. Student mobility and recognition will benefit highly from such an approach. We therefore endorse EMREX wholeheartedly.

Valere Meus

EWP project co-ordinator, erasmuswithoutpaper.eu

FAIR – project

“As recognition experts we follow the results of the EMREX project with interest. Quick and safe transfer of student records can greatly enhance recognition and student mobility in Europe”

Bas Wegewijs,

FAIR project manager

DUO – the Netherlands

DUO (the executive agency of the Dutch Ministry of Education Culture and Science) will join the EMREX network in the first half of 2017. DUO keeps the Dutch educational databases on secondary, vocational and higher education and will be the National Contact Point for EMREX.

EMREX is easy to implement and to use.

We think that EMREX will make life much easier for students and educational institutions in the countries participating in EMREX.

Dik van der Wal

Business manager international services DUO

Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) in Australia

The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) in Australia wholeheartedly endorses the EMREX project and we are tremendously excited to increase our involvement in the near future.  From VTAC’s point of view, we encourage any initiative that supports the mobility of student data.  We believe that the EMREX team, in particular, has demonstrated that it has a product that produces real outcomes for students.  We see this being rolled out globally, and will support that.

Catherine Wills

Director, Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre