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FIELD TRIAL FROM 1.1.2016 TO 30.9.2017

A live going field trial of EMREX will run from January 2016 to September 2017 to test and evaluate the solution. The field trial will include the following partners of the EMREX project: Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway and Sweden. For a list of participating institutions, please see the national field trial pages.

Just before the field trial a small pilot testing involving a few students will be conducted. The involved students will be contacted directly.



Students in these countries may during the above mentioned period log into their student portal at their home university and collect study achievements from the host university. The project will provide support, information and manuals for each participating country’s institutions and students during the field trial period. The students who will choose to use the EMREX-transfer, will have the opportunity to evaluate the solution. The students will participate in a survey that will provide feedback from the user and in this way contribute to improve the solution.



The EMREX field trial aims at testing a digital solution to make the administration of student mobility easier and thus promoting higher attainment level to student mobility in higher education and also encouraging more effective recognition of prior learning and avoiding overlapping studies. The solution (the software and the policy) will be evaluated by means of surveys for stakeholders in the project: students, mobility coordinators and administration.  The live trial will test the hypothesis that the new functionality will lower the burden of administrative tasks laid upon students and lower involvement of the administration.



Each partner will set up a National Contact Point and a Student Mobility Plug-In for the local Student Information System. The student will authenticate him/herself through existing identification portal in each country and log in the local application where the information about courses, results and grades is usually available for the student. The process is initiated by the student, logging into the SMP, which contacts a platform, EMREG register to check which National Contact Points, NCPs are connected and available. The student chooses host HEI when the student data is verified by the NCP. An electronic transfer of student achievements via the NCP and SMP is preformed as soon as the student has approved the course list at the host university.


A successful testing phase, and, in the long term, an effective and good service require participation, interest and engagement of the HEIs and students.

Your participation will bring forward the process, which ultimately results in: increased legal certainty for students, availability, quality and reliability of information on student records.