The evaluation aims to assess the impact of EMREX on student mobility. The EMREX evaluation team employs three distinct research methodologies:


There are two surveys that students can participate in:
– First, a short survey for EMREX users only. Students who finish their grade import with EMREX are redirected to the webpage with eight questions about their user experience.
– Second, a survey regarding students’ opinion on recognition process. All students who participated in any exchange program in recent years are invited to complete a questionnaire which can be accessed via this link: https://ankieter.mimuw.edu.pl/surveys/81/ . Completing the questionnaire should not take more than 15 minutes. The survey is anonymous. All the results of this research will be reported in an aggregate form only.
If you have any questions regarding EMREX surveys, please contact our survey help-desk: surveys@

Administrative data analysis

Administrative data will be employed to measure the impact of EMREX on the number of exchange students and the direction of student mobility. The changes in the share of mobile students in each of the partner countries will be monitored.

Qualitative research

For a better understanding of the EMREXs impact on the student mobility, the evaluation team will conduct a series of in-depth interviews with members of higher education institutions’ administrative staff. The administration have broad knowledge of student mobility and the process of academic achievements recognition. They ought to be able to identify obstacles that students may encounter while trying to have their academic achievements recognised. The interviews will take places in March and April 2017.