Drawing of a student

EMREX is the solution for electronic transfer of student records between higher education institutions in Europe. The biggest benefit of EMREX is the increased availability, quality and reliability of information about student records of achievement information. It is the student that initiates the process.

EMREX can be used in several ways, for example:

  • By mobile students who wants a fast, secure and digital transfer of their achievement records from abroad
  • By students applying for education in other countries
  • By students who wants to share their achievement records with others – future potential employers etc.

The growing number of countries (see under Network) that use EMREX do it in different ways. To find out how you can use EMREX in your country, see under Network.

The progress and success om EMREX relies on its users, therefore all HEIs and students interested in joining the project are highly welcomed and appreciated. You can always contact us using the contact formular on the webpage. Look in the “How to join” section to see how to become a part of the EMREX network.


  1. CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd, Finland
  2. Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants (SIU), Denmark
  3. CINECA, Italy
  4. FSAT, University of Oslo, Norway
  5. University of Warsaw, Poland
  6. The Ladok Consortium, Sweden
  7. Council for Higher Education (UHR), Sweden
  8. UmeƄ University, Sweden