Why Join?

In an academic world becoming increasingly digitalized, one of the last things still being sent by conventional mail is student’s achievement records. Why?

The EMREX Project aims at supporting student mobility by digitalizing the process of sending achievement records between countries and institutions.

We believe our solution is cheap, simple to implement and to use. We know it will help mobile students get their achievement records in a fast and secure way. It should certainly also help you as a Higher Education Institution, by speeding up an important part of your administrative processes and save costs. Right now four countries are taking part in the EMREX Field Trial. Furthermore Poland is using EMREX and the Netherlands are actively working on joining the EMREX network. The EMREX Project group is in contact with many other countries including Germany, Spain, USA, China and Australia. We believe you should come onboard too – Still in doubt? Find further orientation about the EMREX project – co-funded by the European Union – here on this web site, or contact us using the contact formula.

The question you should be asking yourself:
– Do you still want to be sending paper copies to your students in five years from now?
Some benefits of EMREX
  • Significantly increases the availability, quality and recognition of degrees and credits
  • Diminishes the risk of forged
  • transcripts and/or certificates
  • Reduces the risk of overlapping studies
  • Reduces the administrative workload
  • Promotes student mobility